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We are ...

An advisory firm with problem solving expertise  to work with clients on value added decisions related to strategic options, change management, process and efficiency improvements, portfolio evaluation, and M&A decisions in their daily business. We will be embedded for a relatively short term of a few days to a few weeks. We fill the void of our contemporaries who have not had broad executive experiences in public and private entities. Our proposals include a modest assessment cost with shared success fees for our plan and assistance in execution.

Value-Add Proposition
  • Fills void of traditional consultants with our deep industry and C-suite experience

  • A quick hit team with answers and options based on value for our clients and their shareholders 

  • Focus on unit costs/margins and value to shareholders - understand that “low cost” solution is not a strategy

  • The outcome for our client is aligned with our compensation model

Value Solutions for Enhanced Performance
  • Early stage company formation – business plan, funding options, and execution

  • Efficiency and process improvement solutions

  • Company and debt restructuring

  • Strategic options – assist company and advisors 

  • Change management – all facets of change

  • Portfolio evaluation – quality, optionality, choices

  • Choice of M&A candidates – who, what, why

  • Integration post M&A – systems and people

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