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Our Strengths
  • Extensive C-Suite and executive management experience

  • Extensive experience in strategic planning and execution

  • Performance based decision processes and data gathering for helping all “controllable” areas 

  • Problem solving with value based solutions

  • Funding challenges for all types of programs

  • Understanding processes and streamlining for efficiency 

  • Change management

  • Deep history in M&A and post M&A integration

  • Operations experience around the globe

The Process
  • Hire us for a modest retainer to work on assessing the options

  • Spend time listening to the client and investigation of the increased value opportunity 

  • Present the value options/drivers for each possible solution

  • Success fee, based on the savings/value of the chosen solution

  • Jointly work on the preferred execution plan with our client 

  • Assist in execution where needed

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